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Client Libraries

Speechly’s client library is the part that you integrate to your app or web site. It streams speech from the microphone or other audio sources for analysis and provides an API for reading the results in real-time.

Available platforms

W3C Web Speech API polyfill

Speechly polyfill for the SpeechRecognition W3C standard uses Speechly as speech-to-text service provider to provide an uniform cross-browser experience.


  • Client Library API for Streaming API:
    • Real-time speech-to-text (ASR)
    • Real-time keyword and intent detection (NLU)
  • Microphone and media stream support
  • Segment API for reading ASR and NLU results ¹
  • UI components ¹
  • Audio file upload ¹
  • Voice activity detection (VAD) for hands-free use ¹

¹ Feature availability varies by client library platform

Installing and using the Client Libraries

See Getting started to learn how to install and use the Client Libraries.

MIT Licence

Our Client Libraries are open source in GitHub. We are very happy to receive pull requests to improve the feature coverage and platform support! More information about how to contribute is here.

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