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Supported Browsers

Speechly supports most modern browsers on mobile and desktop.

Our Web Client and React Client are both supported in the same set of browsers.


On desktop, Speechly is supported on all modern browsers. If you require a support for older browser version, please contact our support.

Mobile browsers

✔️Chrome for Android86
✔️iOS Safari11+
✔️iOS Chrome86+
✔️Samsung Internet6.2+
✔️Firefox for Android82
✔️Opera Mobile59
✔️Chromium for Android81
UC (Alibaba) Browser12.12
QQ Browser10.4
Baidu Browser7.12
Not supportedIE-11
Not supportedAndroid Browser-4.4.4
Not supportedOpera Miniall
Not supportedKaiOS Browser-2.5

Please note

Alibaba Browser, QQ Browser and Baidu Browser have non-standard implementations of certain APIs that Speechly relies upon. If you require support for these browsers, make sure to test properly.

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