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How Speechly Works - The Video Tutorial Series

Take a quick tour of Speechly’s technology!

See how Speechly applications are programmed, what the overall architecture of a Speechly application is, and how to use the Speechly Web Components to easily add voice features to a website.

The Video Tutorial Series takes less than 17 minutes but if you don’t have that much time, just check out Part 5 at the bottom of this page!

1/5 Demo of Speechly in action

See a couple of examples of web applications that you can easily build with Speechly. (1:59 min)

2/5 The Speechly UI Programming Model

Programming a voice UI with Speechly is very similar to building any dynamic website. (4:52 min)

3/5 Speechly Natural Language Understanding

Speechly does the heavy lifting of understanding what your users are saying, but how do you tell Speechly what things to pay attention to? (1:52 min)

4/5 The Architecture of a Speechly Powered Application

Our client libraries take care of audio capture and streaming, our machine learning models do the processing, and as a developer you just react to simple events returned by our API. (1:49 min)

5/5 Deploying Speechly to a Website

This is the best part! See how to add voice features to a simple website using only a few lines of code! (5:31 min)

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